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From founding multiple security startups, building compliance programs, building security solutions, and securing the most complex technologies with the highest stakes, we bring unparalled security expertise to Web3 to enable innovation and build a more democraticized and fair technology ecosystem.

  • World Class Threat Modeling
  • Risk-based Approach
  • Full Stack Security Testing

Too many security providers use scare tactics to sell their products and services. We want to drive the maximum ROI for our customers so you can tell your users, partners, and shareholders - with confidence - that you've secured your project.

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ASID Audits

Verify Your Security Posture Using the First Ever Web3 Security Controls Framework ASID

Code Audit

Test Your Code and Smart Controls with Static and Dynamic Testing Tools and Expert Manual Review

Governance Audit

Model Potential Exploits to Your Governance Model and the Impact to Your Project

Threat Modeling

The Latest Threat Intelligence Paired with Evaulating Your Entire Tech Stack to Model How Attackers Will Strike

Monetary Risk

Measure security risks in the metric that matters - money. Monetary risk analysis immediately shows the impact of attacks to your project.

Security By Design

Don't Know Where to Begin? We Can Design Your Security Program For You


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need a Web3 Security Controls Framework?

Whether you're raising money or taking your project to market, how do you show your project is secure? Our industry-leading Web3 Security Controls Framework helps your focus on high ROI security implentations that bring the most value to your users, partners, and shareholders.

What is Threat Modeling?

Code audits only tell part of the story. Many successful attacks exploit edge cases where code functions correctly but uncommon scenarious were never considred. All interactions across the entire tech stack must be carefully modeled.

Why do we need to audit our governance?

With governance decisions automated with smart contracts, if there is no oversight or checks and balances, a malicious actor might be able to use your own governance model against you to drain your treasury of your funds.


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